Video Game Developers

Every decade in the video game industry us gamers are lucky enough to get the chance to play some amazing titles and also be a part of a whole new era of advancement within the industry. Sometimes though, video games get released that make us question what the developers were thinking. You’re watching gamer brain and today were taking a look at our picks for the 10 worst video games of the last decade. #10.) Homie Rollers (DS): What do you get when you combined Mario kart with a ca online casinos free spins? If you said anything other than Homie Rollerz on the Nintendo DS then you’d be wrong.

Released in 2008 by Destineer Games, Homie Rollerz allows players to take control one of the many Homies characters (which are, in case you don’t already know, all based on different Hispanic stereotypes), jump in your own custom built car and, well, race until you get first. The Game is actually based off of a comic book series and toy line from the mid 1990’s but of course anyone who played this game probably didn’t know that. The game featured arguably the worst graphics on the Nintendo DS as well as some of the most horrendous control I’ve ever seen in a game. Pair that with very few courses to choose from and a terrible camera system and you’ve got yourself a really really bad racing game. IGN rated the game a mere 2/10 and cited it as being “painful” to play. Stay far away from this game and just go play some Mario kart. #9.) Life Of Black Tiger (PS4) When the trailer for this game was released a few months ago, many gamers actually thought that it was a joke. Life of black tiger looks more like something that would get denied even on steam greenlight, rather than be released on the PSN store. In the game you take control of a yup you guessed it a tiger and your goal is to travel around each stage mauling humans and collecting various “Scents” that are scattered throughout each level.

As it turns out this game is a rather sloppy port of an over 3 year old IOS game. The game has some serious control issues and the framerate looks like it’s running on your grandmother’s old windows 98 PC. Just how life of black tiger was able to make its way onto the PlayStation store is definetly beyond me. While many reviewers haven’t covered it we here at gamerbrain give it a whopping 1/10.. To put it quite simply this game sucks. #8.) Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (Xbox 360) If you’re unfamiliar with the leisure suit Larry series, Then you’re definitely not alone. The series was pretty popular back in the late 80’s being released for many popular home computers at the time but not without its fair share of controversy, due to the sexual nature of the subject matter, this game stirred up some less than happy opinions from parents. But if we focus just on this Xbox 360 release then this game is just as it’s name suggests well… A total bust.