The Horse

Considering which horse is the best for that particular race is a very interesting part of horse race strategy.

First don’t be sentimental. I saw many handicapper over evaluate the chance of a horse for sentimental reason. Endurance, speed and shape of the horse are all important element. You should look at the most recent performance which is the more important. What kind of race does he or she made. Don’t over evaluate the time. Pay more attention of how the horse reacts. Did he finish very strong? Did he make a move in the race that causes his defeat? Did he make a very tough race? I don’t like horse with consecutive big effort race. For example, the horse goes in front and was attacked in fast fraction and was beaten; next race he was caught way outside for all race and was beaten again. That horse may be tired.

Always watch the horse that comes back from a rest. Specially the first 3 start after a rest. If the horse improves pay attention he can be your winner. If only one of the previous races looks terrible just forget it and check the other one. Horses are living creature sometimes they feel sick, bad mood and thousand of reason why a horse did not perform well. Once, it’s an accident more than one, be careful it’s a risky bet.

The class is also a big factor. If the horse raise class too much be careful. He may not be able to perform as well as the previous race. I like the horse with class raise only if he is in an improvement process. Be careful with horse that drops class. Sometimes the trainer make the horse look bad in previous race to make sure he can get the class drop. But if the trainer is not one of the best it is possible that the horse facing problem and I wouldn’t bet on him. The age of the horse can be a factor, some horse can not perform as well as before when they getting old. Sometimes the horse is tired and need a break. Check how many consecutive race he has run.

Where to Play?

Where to play? is one of the most important topic and probably the one that is less discussed in the world of horse race strategy.

Imagine some off track betting salon takes 5% to 10% of all your gain. If you add what the original horse track takes from the betting pool and the taxes perceive by different government level, the house edge of any casino is a piece of cake.

That’s why I never play serious money on horse race anywhere else than online. Some website offering me the payment of the track where the race is running and bonus percentage of my losing bet.

Did you find these conditions in any land base horse race betting salon in North America?

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