This is the most amazing move ever. It must’ve took him centuries to pull this off.

skate 3 jump is the name of the url. Must’ve took him forever to do this trick..If your trying this out, the last part is the hard part because the board can still get stuck Try to get enough speed So it wouldn’t get stuck.

You must also get a good angle so it can look impressive..

Skate 3 is a really good game, I recommend people to try this out because you can compete online, do challenges, and many many many more. They also release active DLCs to further your playing experience. You can even customize your character, your board, your wheels, trucks, image, and everything. You can ever set up your clan and compete against other people online who also wants to Challenge

You can do so many with skate 3 jump. So try it out and try something that looks hard to achieve. Chances are, it may still work and you just pulled off something amazing!

You can also create your own skate park levels. You can customize the background and everything such as the railings, stairs, verts, and more!. You can upload it online and also play others created skatepark levels.

So you can get more variety on pulling off something amazing also.

People also make videos on Youtube about realistic montages or arcade. Realistic montages (obviously) Try to make the moves as realistic as possible. In arcade it’s otherwise where they try to make the moves as unrealistic as possible. Such as grinding up a rail or backflipping off a tower and landing on a flagpole while grinding down.. You can choose whichever style you want to pull off and you can upload them in youtube and show them off to the world!

skate 3 jump awesome..

Oh and to add more to the topic. The user of the video has more skate 3 videos that you can watch. Such as the amazing hippy tunnel that took more than 400 tries (I recall) or the one where he throws the skateboard inside the shopping cart, taking around 700+ tries. I can’t imagine myself trying that out for that much times!!

Try something out!