Leisure Suit Larry Games

Following Larry Lovache as he works for his uncle (who is from what I gathered the original leisure suit Larry from the 80’s) at his film studio in some Hollywood esque type setting. The game features some of the worst jokes possibly ever heard in a video game, and opts to feature a mix of gameplay styles such as racing, platforming, fighting, open world and shooting but I mean with so many genres represented here they literally all suck. Add some terrible control into the mix and serious technical glitches and you’ve got yourself leisure suit Larry box office bust. A terrible entry into the Xbox 360 library that received yet another rating of “painful” from the reviewers over at IGN. I never played this one when It was first released and I gotta say I’m actually really proud of that.

Rouge Warrior (Xbox360, PS3) First announced in 2006, Rogue Warrior by Bethesda (yes that Bethesda) was set for release in 2007. The game’s release was delayed many times after Bethesda stated that they were not satisfied with the project. Eventually being released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in mid 2009 (which was a full 3 years after it was announced) the game finally came out. The games story revolves around how the United States has sent in Richard Marcinko, a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran (voiced by Mickey Rourke of all people) on a mission into North Korea to disrupt the launch of ballistic missiles. Although this game is not based on the presidency of Donald Trump, it was universally panned by critics and often referred to as not only one of the worst games of 2009, but one of the worst games ever. Some criticisms of the game include its poor controls, multiple glitches, foul language, definitely rushed production, uninteresting gameplay, and short length. To put it simply, rogue warrior isn’t just a terrible shooter, but an awful game through and through and it really had no redeeming qualities.

The game Received a 1.5/10 on IGN this a game to stay clear of. #6.) Quantum theory (XB360, PS3) Released in 2010 by Koei Tecmo, Quantum theory came out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. right off the bat with this game you’ll notice that it looks an awful lot like gears of war. Too bad for its sake it fails to deliver anywhere near the fun factor and charm that the gears series has. In the game you take control of Sid and Felina and as the player it’s your job to save humanity by climbing and destroying from what I gathered is a huge tower which is somehow alive? However, even though this game may look like it’s not that bad, the shooting mechanics are broken the level design is borderline awful and what little potential this game had left is ruined by the lack of any characters that are interesting in the slightest. The story is pretty off the wall and this game really just has no redeeming factors to it that would make anybody want to play it.