Horse Race Strategy (Part II)

The Jockey

You must know the jockey you are betting on. Every horse track have their leaders and it is important to bet on one of them. Some exception may occur. For example, a big stake with a lot of outside horse and stable bringing their own jockey. But for usual daily race, choose one of the best jockeys.

How to do that? Have a look on local horse race program all the information is there. You can also buy the daily racing form which give information on many different horse race tracks. When it’s possible, try to know who is hot and who is not.

Also check the secondary jockey (meaning not a leader but a regular jockey) that obtains a good result in one of the first races of the night. For example, the 7th ranking jockey of the track gets a finishing result second with a long shot in the first race. Two or three race later, the same jockey wins a race.

Why it is like that? Well, many theories on that. Some said, it’s the pay day for that jockey as everyone of them should earn money to live. Some said that the jockey betting agent play that night. I really don’t know if it’s true but let’s say at least the guy is hot and pay attention to him.

Jerry Bailey is a jockey extraordinaire. He started his career in 1974 at the age of 17 and never looked back. Over the years, he has won the Breeders Cup Classic, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, the Dubai World Cup and the Belmont, as well as won more races at Saratoga than any jockey in history. Along the way, Bailey has ridden such sensational horses as Black Tie Affair, Hansel, Sea Hero, Concern, Red Bullet, Captain Steve Empire Maker and Grindstone.  Jerry Bailey has hand signed this 1620 photograph of him riding Grindstone to victory at the 122nd Kentucky Derby on May 4, 1996 and added the inscription, 96 K. Derby. This photograph comes complete with a Steiner Sports Certificate of Authenticity.

The Trainer

Horse race training is an art and a good trainer will always get a serious edge. So it’s a must to have a look on the best trainer of the track you play on.

Check the previous year average of the trainer. At the end of the meeting check the average of the current year. Same things as for jockey, try to know who is hot and who is not.

In thoroughbred, some trainer is good on turf some are not. In harness race, some trainer are good with trotter some are better with pacer. It is very important to know if that trainer stable is hot or cold. A hot stable can bring many winner inside 1 or 2 weeks.

Why is hot? Sometimes they put some stimulate addition in the horse food or the veterinary visit the stable or other reasons.