Horse Race Strategy (Part I)

The Winning Streak Strategy

What is great about playing horse race is that you don’t have to fight against a machine or against any gambling house. You compete against all the other gamblers on a mutual bet. As far as I know most of them are losers.

If you know to how to pick up horses with a good handicapping skill (You will find some tips here to help you being a good handicapper);

Then the only thing left to make you a big winner on horse race is a good horse race strategy. I play many horse race strategies in my life and the Powerful Winning Streak Strategy is the best to build your bankroll.

Even after you build a good bankroll you will keep on playing that strategy and will love it.

Handicapping Tips

There are so many things to consider to handicapping horse race. Betting horse race and watching the race horse through the wire is very exciting. With internet now, it is also possible watching the race and betting horse online. Predicting horse race result is almost a science. I learned that science for more than 25 years now.

There is two major kind of horse race track. One present harness horse race and the other thoroughbred horse race. The harness race the jockey sit on a bicycle call sulky and thoroughbred the jockey sit directly on the horse. It’s a very different horse race game but at the same time, we are dealing with the same animal so there are many similitudes. Also both are mutual wagering betting pool. Two kind of harness horse: trotter and pacer. Two different thoroughbreds horse track; turf and ground.

Mutual bet mean that all the money goes in one pot and will be divide by the number of winner. The horse race track take a percentage, sometimes the government takes a tax on it. At the end, an average of 70% only returns to gambler. So it is very hard to beat such disadvantage. To compare, the house edge in American roulette is 5 %. On the other end, roulette give the same odds to anybody. For horse race you can take advantage upon bad player because that money is available for you. In conclusion, in horse race good gambler an edge. To bet horse race, you should know what you are doing or you better play another game.

The most important factors to consider picking a horse race winner are: the jockey, the trainer, the horse, the field condition, the starting position and the odds.