eSports Administration Entrepreneurship Program

According to a 2018 report eSports is 2.3 billion gamers across the world and these gamers spent a $137 billion on games this past year. Viewers now outnumber NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. When we started tosee the preliminary research provided to us by individuals like Shaun Byrne it quickly became evident that this is much much more than a leisurely activity.

The chief function of the College, of course, is to provide academic programming to develop markable employment skills especially in high demand fields again when we started to explore some of the facts and figures of the multi-billion dollar eSports industry and its diverse employment market we quickly concluded that we had to be on the cutting edge of this new and exciting professional field The student council didn’t just endorse the college’s involvement in eSports, we actually partnered with the administration to make the dream become a reality. So from an academic point of view what do you get with this two-year diploma on eSports and entrepreneurship.

It’s built on two foundations the first one is the eSports basis what is the eSports industry some history of that how does the industry make money and also broadcast tools so that you’ll learn how to do play-by-play on twitch and YouTube so we have a number of courses that are eSports basis, and then we have our business basics. Personally I’ve been working on eSports for about seven years and it might not seem like a long time but in eSports that’s about as long as it can get. eSports is such a brand-new industry but it’s growing at an unprecedented rate not only do we compete against Canadian schools but, through eSports we don’t need to travel to compete against our opponents we get to compete online, so what that does for us is we get to compete against schools all over the US. We have victories this year over the University of Minnesota, the University of Central Florida, Arizona State University… these are gigantic schools. So to have a program at a school like St. Clair college, you know… go out in his first year or just barely into our second year and able to take down competition like that it’s been really amazing to see and you got to give it to these guys to be able to you know bring home those results and now – you know unveil finally our academic programs — been working on this for quite a while finally get that going we’ll be able to kind of bring all of the pieces together here at St.

Clair College to really make this a destination for eSports and for singapore online casino. Creating a program like this… we’ll be able to get these students up to speed quicker and get them in a position where they can take advantage of those hundreds or thousands of opportunities that are popping up on a day to day basis and you know that’s just what this program is all about the eSports administration entrepreneurship program… essentially from day one you’ll be working with these guys in the varsity program, as well as our industry partners, on the front lines, in pioneering eSports.

So especially this first batch of students coming in 2019 they’ll get a lot of value out of the program, because right from the beginning they’ll be broadcasting our teams helping market our programs and helping really design the leagues and the tournaments and the infrastructure that is still in very early stages