Diablo Game Review

Diablo: This game is one of the Golden Games and shall live in the hearts of all who have played it forever. Mainly you slug your way through dungeons and kill monsters with an incredible variety in weapons. Diablo can’t be classified as an RPG or an Action or for that matter an Adventure Game.

Gameplay: As I described Earlier the purpose of this game is to get to the bottom of hell and kill Diablo a.k.a. Satan. It is mainly a point and click as in Click to bash crap out of your foes, drink potions, cast spells, buy, sell, talk, walk, open chests, and about anything else you can imagine. While sounding simplistic it is good for people with less of a reaction time as they are not flipping through the manual for the right button to press. In the game you play as either a Rogue (Archer), Warrior (Melee), or Sorcerer(Spell Slinger). All classes are unique and fun to play. I suggest playing Diablo through 3 times (once with each character) to get all you can from the replay value. Online play is fun and intuitive if you play with the right people. I.E. Don’t play with people you know cheat or if you find out they do boot thier buts out of the server. People like that ruin the fun of venturing into dungeons. If you are a cheater reading this please don’t for it ruins the fun for others.

Graphics: I would like to point out that as I write this review the year is 2003. I am aware that games like Diablo 2, Dungeon Siege, and Neverwinter Nights are out and have incredible Graphics. While I look at this game I can say Yes, Things are simple looking, Yes, There are 2D Graphics, and Yes, You can’t Rotate the camera. But, After all this I would like to say the graphics are good. Especially for low end systems. With the incredibly smooth gameplay the graphics almost melt into the background. They are good though as in you can see the things your character is carrying (swords and shields etc.) and Dungeons look good yet sometimes repetitive.

Sound: The Sound for Diablo is great. From beasts of Hell howling in the night to you bashing their skulls open the game sounds great.