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Obviously Bad Games

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 To start off with, If you’re watching this video you have probably played at least one of the Tony Hawk games. But whether you like skateboarding or not, these games are sure to be a fun time… Or so we thought with tony hawks pro skater 5. THPS 5 marked the first entry in the series for over eight years and it was by far the worst game fans of the series had ever seen. Glitches and bugs in the version that got released simply showed the game was definitely not play tested enough at all. And the game lacked the charm and Arcady gameplay that made the series great since its inception. Since its launch in 2015 it’s received a handful of patches to get things back on track, but the modes still feel like the same old thing regurgitated that we’ve seen for years now. Let me know in the comments If you’re like me and are just holding out for EA to release skate 4. #4.) Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric Back in 2010 the sonic franchise seen many great entries such as sonic generations and sonic colors…

But for some reason when the Wii u came out Sega went back to the drawing board and gave us what seemed like a step backward in the form of sonic lost world for the Wii U, But that game is nothing compared to 2014’s Sonic Boom. the game was so bad it was universally panned by critics upon its release and serves as another slap in the face to fans who have been playing the games for years. Rise of lyric takes away the traditional platforming base that the franchise is known for in favor of a puzzle solving and exploration type game. Players can freely switch between controlling Sonic, Tails, and Amy as well some of the other sonic character you’d expect but they all use their unique abilities to progress through the game. While that all sounds ok on paper, It was executed very poorly. The camera is nauseatingly terrible, the frame-rate drops constantly and the levels feel like they were slapped together in an afternoon by their designers. While the game isn’t as bad as the masterpiece that is Sonic 06, for fans this is definitely a game to stay away from. #3.) Call of duty black ops declassified released in 2012 exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation Vita. Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified was what fans hoped to be there ticket to take the much loved franchise on the go. Upon it’s release critics panned its short campaign, terrible enemy AI, unreliable online servers and small map sizes. The campaign was cited as being little over an hour long and while the game did try some unique ideas such as using the rear touchpad of the PlayStation Vita as part of the control scheme, fans were left with what felt more like a demo than an actual full game providing us players with what was a terrible value for our money.

Many people called this game a massive middle finger to fans of the COD series and I’m willing to bet we won’t see another portable version of Call Of Duty any time soon. #2.) Vampire Rain (Xbox 360, PS3) Vampire Rain was released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in July of 2007. The game is set in suburban Los Angeles where an infestation of vampires have decided to take over. Players take control of a special operative named John Lloyd and once you’ve entered this vampire infested city, it’s your job to wipe out all vampires in sight. The player must then find their way through all areas of your typical horror game city all the fog and rain that you’d expect. In the game you’ll be moving across rooftops and through back alleys, avoiding getting caught to ensure the best use of all the high tech weaponry at your disposal. While it sounds cool, It really didn’t turn out well. Reviews of the game citied its poor enemy AI, lackluster controls and for taking some of the formula’s used in games like metal gear solid and splinter cell, but executing them terribly.

All thought this was ranked as one of the worst games on the Xbox 360 it was fortunate enough to receive a sequel which if you didn’t already guess also sucked. There is far better zombie games out there so for gamers, Vampire Rain is yet another title to stay clear of. #1.) Ride To Hell Retribution Oh boy… Where do we start with this one? Originally announced in 2008, Ride To Hell Retribution was eventually released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in June of 2013… Players are still unsure to this day how this game even got cleared for release. You take control of Jake Conway a Vietnam war veteran who is on a quest to ride through the California desert and avenge the death of your brother. There’s not much to be said about this game that hasn’t been said already, and it’s often considered one of the worst games of all time, if not the worst. Every aspect of the game is broken, from the controls to the highly unpolished and at times unfinished graphics. Tag on a ton of offensive dialogue and you’ve got yourself a game that scored a mere 1/10 on IGN. Personally I think ride to hell retribution is a massive embarrassment to the video game industry and a game that nobody should ever have to play.


Leisure Suit Larry Games

Following Larry Lovache as he works for his uncle (who is from what I gathered the original leisure suit Larry from the 80’s) at his film studio in some Hollywood esque type setting. The game features some of the worst jokes possibly ever heard in a video game, and opts to feature a mix of gameplay styles such as racing, platforming, fighting, open world and shooting but I mean with so many genres represented here they literally all suck. Add some terrible control into the mix and serious technical glitches and you’ve got yourself leisure suit Larry box office bust. A terrible entry into the Xbox 360 library that received yet another rating of “painful” from the reviewers over at IGN. I never played this one when It was first released and I gotta say I’m actually really proud of that.

Rouge Warrior (Xbox360, PS3) First announced in 2006, Rogue Warrior by Bethesda (yes that Bethesda) was set for release in 2007. The game’s release was delayed many times after Bethesda stated that they were not satisfied with the project. Eventually being released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in mid 2009 (which was a full 3 years after it was announced) the game finally came out. The games story revolves around how the United States has sent in Richard Marcinko, a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran (voiced by Mickey Rourke of all people) on a mission into North Korea to disrupt the launch of ballistic missiles. Although this game is not based on the presidency of Donald Trump, it was universally panned by critics and often referred to as not only one of the worst games of 2009, but one of the worst games ever. Some criticisms of the game include its poor controls, multiple glitches, foul language, definitely rushed production, uninteresting gameplay, and short length. To put it simply, rogue warrior isn’t just a terrible shooter, but an awful game through and through and it really had no redeeming qualities.

The game Received a 1.5/10 on IGN this a game to stay clear of. #6.) Quantum theory (XB360, PS3) Released in 2010 by Koei Tecmo, Quantum theory came out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. right off the bat with this game you’ll notice that it looks an awful lot like gears of war. Too bad for its sake it fails to deliver anywhere near the fun factor and charm that the gears series has. In the game you take control of Sid and Felina and as the player it’s your job to save humanity by climbing and destroying from what I gathered is a huge tower which is somehow alive? However, even though this game may look like it’s not that bad, the shooting mechanics are broken the level design is borderline awful and what little potential this game had left is ruined by the lack of any characters that are interesting in the slightest. The story is pretty off the wall and this game really just has no redeeming factors to it that would make anybody want to play it.

Video Game Developers

Every decade in the video game industry us gamers are lucky enough to get the chance to play some amazing titles and also be a part of a whole new era of advancement within the industry. Sometimes though, video games get released that make us question what the developers were thinking. You’re watching gamer brain and today were taking a look at our picks for the 10 worst video games of the last decade. #10.) Homie Rollers (DS): What do you get when you combined Mario kart with a ca online casinos free spins? If you said anything other than Homie Rollerz on the Nintendo DS then you’d be wrong.

Released in 2008 by Destineer Games, Homie Rollerz allows players to take control one of the many Homies characters (which are, in case you don’t already know, all based on different Hispanic stereotypes), jump in your own custom built car and, well, race until you get first. The Game is actually based off of a comic book series and toy line from the mid 1990’s but of course anyone who played this game probably didn’t know that. The game featured arguably the worst graphics on the Nintendo DS as well as some of the most horrendous control I’ve ever seen in a game. Pair that with very few courses to choose from and a terrible camera system and you’ve got yourself a really really bad racing game. IGN rated the game a mere 2/10 and cited it as being “painful” to play. Stay far away from this game and just go play some Mario kart. #9.) Life Of Black Tiger (PS4) When the trailer for this game was released a few months ago, many gamers actually thought that it was a joke. Life of black tiger looks more like something that would get denied even on steam greenlight, rather than be released on the PSN store. In the game you take control of a yup you guessed it a tiger and your goal is to travel around each stage mauling humans and collecting various “Scents” that are scattered throughout each level.

As it turns out this game is a rather sloppy port of an over 3 year old IOS game. The game has some serious control issues and the framerate looks like it’s running on your grandmother’s old windows 98 PC. Just how life of black tiger was able to make its way onto the PlayStation store is definetly beyond me. While many reviewers haven’t covered it we here at gamerbrain give it a whopping 1/10.. To put it quite simply this game sucks. #8.) Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (Xbox 360) If you’re unfamiliar with the leisure suit Larry series, Then you’re definitely not alone. The series was pretty popular back in the late 80’s being released for many popular home computers at the time but not without its fair share of controversy, due to the sexual nature of the subject matter, this game stirred up some less than happy opinions from parents. But if we focus just on this Xbox 360 release then this game is just as it’s name suggests well… A total bust.

Chance Of A Winning Scratchcard

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Winning scratchcards are remarkably rare.And actually what Mohan did, rather than justgoing on a huge scratchcard buying spree,was work out how long it would take him to buy up enough cardsand guarantee himself a winner.And he was a statistician working on geological problemsearning pretty decent money.And he realised that actually, although he had a winninglottery strategy, it was better off just to stick in hisexisting job.So what he did was he rang up the lotteryand told them that there was a hidden codeon their scratchcards, and he had deciphered it,and he knew how to win.The lottery, of course, didn’t take him seriously.So what he did was actually collected the scratchcards.And he identified some winning ones, some losing ones,divided them into two piles and posted themby courier to lottery.That evening he got a phone call from lottery saying,we need to have a chat.And really the story is representativeof a lot of areas of gambling.Often it’s not professional gamblerswho come up with these strategies thatbeat the system.And often people who beat the system,don’t become professional gamblers.For a lot of these people, gamblingis almost a playground for ideas.It’s a way of testing out problem solving and skills thatactually would apply to many other industries.

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